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All Recordings on Sale!

Order the individual albums or trilogy of pianist Luke Welch. As part of a special summertime promotion, Welch's complete discography is now available at a specially reduced price for each album, or as a trilogy collection. … Continue readingAll Recordings on Sale!

West Coast Charm

I have always been a traveller of sorts - at a younger age accompanied by my family all around the city, then province, eventually expanding the circle exponentially as my career eventually brought me to Europe and beyond. As a Canadian, these excursions - especially around the national circuit - have always been both intriguing and slightly daunting as the second largest country in the world has a lot to offer and plenty of terrain to cover. … Continue readingWest Coast Charm

Rejecting Rejection!

It's every musician's potential nightmare: after dedicating countless hours to study, practice time, rehearsals, research, and every other imaginable form of preparation, it's time to search for performance opportunities.  In some cases, a clearer path is forged for individuals who are able to successfully compete for an award, which is often padded with the reward of a generous concert schedule for a coming season or so.  In other instances, through general exposure, recommendation, or a promoter's positive impressions after attending an artist's live performance, there is also the possibility of receiving an invitation to perform at a particular venue or concert series. … Continue readingRejecting Rejection!

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